A Bear-y Happy Ending


Sometimes at Copper Jug we get attached to the items we are selling. We know that’s not business like or rational but there are times when our hearts rule our heads,  it just can’t be helped. One example of this is the story of Big & Little Ted.   Once upon a time there were two Steiff Bears called Big & Little Ted. They were bought together, a while ago now, and maybe they haven’t been out on the stall as much as they could have been and we admit that when they have been out with us, they were perhaps put at the back, maybe just out of sight and beyond the reach of visitors. However, this week, it was decided that maybe the time had come to find them a proper home, somewhere that would give them the love they deserved. So we moved them to the front of the stall well within sight of the visitors to Greenwich Clocktower Market. Various visitors looked at the bears and one couple were about to buy them and then decided they preferred a doll that was on another stall (a doll? really??)  Clearly they would not have been suitable owners, so a lucky escape there, we thought. The afternoon wore on and we were sure the cuddly duo would be coming home with us. Then, suddenly the crowds parted and from the throng of the busy market emerged a beautiful young woman. (OK, might be being a bit dramatic here, but that’s how we remember it) The beautiful young woman, who’s name we later learned was Nicola Jones, made straight for the bears. She immediately picked little Ted up. We started to explained that he was a Steiff bear, surprisingly,  not only was she already aware of this as she had a small collection of Steiff Bears herself, but she actually worked for the Steiff organisation and was therefore very familiar with the excellent quality the name stood for and his collectability. At that point we knew Nicola was perfect owner for our the cuddly duo. Discussions ensued and despite her young age, Nicola was a very shrewd negotiator and finally a deal was done. As we waved goodbye to Big & Little Ted, we asked Nicola if she could send us a picture of our two little pals in their new home.  She kindly agreed, and to be honest we did think that maybe she was just humouring us, but no – not in the least!  Nicola was as good as her word and sent us the picture below. As you can see Big & Little Ted are destined to live happily ever after.  The End.

Bears inroom

by Julie